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Malaysia: Ipoh & Taiping Kid-Friendly Trip 2017 (Day 4)

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Malaysia: Ipoh & Taiping Kid-Friendly Trip 2017

(Day 4: Breakfast at Larut Matang Hawker Centre, Trong Leisure Farm, Dinner at Pusat Pengkalan Enam Enam 66 美食中心, Shopping at Aeon Ipoh Station 18)

We had such a tiring day before we decided to wake up later today.

We had breakfast of wantan noodles, lemon chicken rice and winter melon drink with longan at Larut Matang hawker centre.

Taiping Larut Matang hawker centre

Then we set off to Trong Leisure Farm, about half an hour’s drive away.

The farm charges RM8/adult and RM4/child, which includes duck-feeding (you have to buy your own duck food for RM1/packet) and 10 minutes on the paddle boat in their small lake.

Trong Leisure duck farm

Trong Leisure Farm is decorated similarly to some of the Taiwan farms and attractions we’ve been to.

Upon purchasing the tickets, a staff drove us in a cart attached to his tractor to the duck-feeding area, which had three separate duck pens.

One for ducks, one for ducklings, and one which had both ducks and ducklings.

Trong Leisure duck farm

We bought a few packets of food and fed the ducks by hand. The ducklings were the easiest to feed because they didn’t peck so hard. The ducks were very aggressive and some tried to peck and snatch the plastic bag containing the food.

Families with kids would enjoy the activity, just note that the toilets at the duck-feeding area have no toilet paper nor soap.

I was actually quite uncomfortable at how hungry the ducks were. It is hunger at the level where they literally stomp on each other (including ducklings) in a crazy bid to eat the food.

There are free-roaming ducks near the main restaurant and lake, which look pretty well-fed and can’t be bothered with us, and a few other sections with ducks of different ages which are out of bounds to visitors.

You can walk one round around the lake, or paddle in their yellow duck boats. There’s a Muslim (open) and Chinese restaurant (closed when we went) and also a shop selling duck eggs and other products.

After we spent a couple of hours at Trong Leisure Farm, we drove back to Ipoh and checked into our hotel.

Initially we tried to visit the group of temples near the Sam Poh Tong temple, but they were all closed.

So we decided to have an early dinner at Pusat Pengkalan Enam Enam 66 美食中心, which sells pretty good food.

Pusat Pengkalan Enam Enam 66 美食中心 ipoh char kuay teow

The char kuay teow, chicken porridge and popiah were yummy, the prawn noodles had a richly-flavoured stock, and this place sells awesome dim sum.

Pusat Pengkalan Enam Enam 66 美食中心 Ipoh cheap good dim sum

I must tell you about this dim sum that’s cheap and good.

The vendor opens at about 5pm-11pm (every day except Mondays).

She sells 9 types of steamed buns (try the pau kacang merah or 豆沙包, we went for seconds) and 14 types of dim sum at 3 for $2.70 (the tomyum-flavoured one is kick ass)!

If you’re ever in the mood for evening dim sum on a budget, look for this place and this vendor.

We walked off dinner with a visit to the nearby Aeon, where we had a slice of Chocolate Indulgence at Secret Recipe for RM8.80, and bought fruits and drinks from the supermarket back to the hotel to chill and enjoy our last night in Ipoh.

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