Taiwan Guides: Yilan Ultimate Guide – 10 Best Things To Do

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Yilan is a popular county in Taiwan, famous for its beautiful nature trails, hot and cold springs, and numerous factory outlets each boasting a unique Yilan specialty. Located along the North-East Coast of Taiwan, the nearest township of Jiaoxi in Yilan County is a short bus ride away from Taipei (about an hour’s journey). Here See my journey

Taiwan Guides: Kaohsiung Itinerary On A Budget

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Kaohsiung is a beautiful place with a romantic cityscape and many gems in its hinterland. I’ve tried to summarise a comprehensive list of some activities you can do in Kaohsiung on a budget, with Google map links and selected photos and tips. It’s not an exhaustive list but I hope it helps you plan your See my journey

Taiwan Guides: 5 Reasons to Visit Chiayi

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Chiayi is an often overlooked city on the Western side of Taiwan. Foreign tourists typically spend their time commuting through Chiayi’s High Speed Rail, TRA station or its airport at Shueishang, to landmark destinations like Alishan mountain and Penghu island. A waitress at a donut joint was surprised as to why we would even stay See my journey

Taiwan Guides: Alishan + Fengqihu (One-Day Itinerary)

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Alishan is a mountainous region in Taiwan which is famous for its forests, tea and trails. No, it’s not fake turf If you only had one day to spend here without staying overnight (because the hotels here are more expensive), here is how you can do it. How to get to Alishan Firstly, if you’re travelling from See my journey

Taiwan Guides: Penghu + island hopping (4D3N itinerary)

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Penghu is a beautiful place. It is an island just a short flight away from Taiwan mainland. Penghu is also surrounded by many islands each with their own unique geological landscape and attractions. Penghu Great Bridge I’ve found Penghu to be kid-friendly and suitable for all ages. Xiyu West Fort Here I’ll share what attractions you can See my journey

Taiwan Guides: Yangmingshan Hiking Trail + Beitou Hot Springs (*Directions & Google map links…

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If you only had one day to squeeze in a visit to Yangmingshan and Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei, Taiwan, you can consider this itinerary. I’ve included Google map links which you can star as favourites and track your location via GPS. You can buy simcards with data at Taoyuan airport so you can access See my journey

Taiwan July 2016 [Day 7 & 8 — Taipei, Taoyuan]

Taiwan Day 7 & 8 — Taipei, Taoyuan Day 7 — Beitou (Ketagalan Museum, Beitou Hot Springs Museum, Thermal Valley), Danshui (Old Street, Chocolate Wonderland), Ningxia Night Market, Wellcome Supermarket Day 8 — Breakfast at Yonghe Beancurd 永和豆漿, super amazing toy store 東東玩具百貨, Yam Swiss Roll Shop 香帥蛋糕 誠品站前店, Taoyuan Airport — — — — — — — — — Day 7 We initially planned to visit Yangmingshan, but See my journey

Taiwan July 2016 — Day 6 [Hualien, Taipei]

​Taiwan Day 6 — Hualien, Taipei Puyuma train to Taipei, Maokong Gondola, sunset at Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail, Tonghua and Linjiang Night Markets This is a relatively short and easy day because we were exhausted from all the walking from the day before in Hualien. We booked a Puyuma train which would only take us 2 hours See my journey

Taiwan July 2016 — Day 5 [Hualien]

Taiwan Day 5 — Hualien Breakfast at 山東豆漿大王, long walk and river swimming at Mukumugi 慕谷慕魚生態廊道, lunch at Liyu Lake, slow trek at Ch’in-nan Recreation Area, dessert at 豐春冰菓店, watching children catch clams at Lichuan Fisheries, boat-watching at 向日廣場, ocean viewing at Hualienhuanbao Park, sunset at Qixingtan, cake at Honey Bee Town, dinner at 7–11 Breakfast at See my journey

Taiwan July 2016 — Day 4 [Taitung, Hualien]

Taiwan Day 4 — Taitung, Hualien Breakfast at 早安美芝城-台東活力正氣店, Liji Badlands, Beinan Site, Peinan Cultural Park, TRA train to Hualien, Pine Garden, tea break at insanely cheap 公正包子, sunset chilling at Qixingtan, dinner at ultra huge 花蓮東大門夜市 Dongdamen Night Market Breakfast at 早安美芝城-台東活力正氣店 In Taiwanese summer, the sun rises extremely early. We set off for a famous See my journey