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If you only had one day to squeeze in a visit to Yangmingshan and Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei, Taiwan, you can consider this itinerary.

I’ve included Google map links which you can star as favourites and track your location via GPS. You can buy simcards with data at Taoyuan airport so you can access the internet in Taiwan.

Try to get your own Easycard (you can buy at MRT stations) which you can easily use for MRT/metro trips and bus services.

Travelling from Taoyuan Airport to Yangmingshan

From Taoyuan Airport, you can now take a direct train from both Terminal 1 or 2 to Taipei Main Station which takes about 35–45 minutes. Alternatively you can also hop on a bus to Taipei Main Station which takes about 50 minutes.

From Taipei Main Station, take the red MRT line (Danshui direction) to Jiantan MRT station.

Upon exiting the Jiantan MRT station, turn left and look for the bus stop (same side as MRT station), take minibus S15 that goes straight to Qingtiangang Grassland 擎天岗大草原), which is the last stop.

There are about 41 stops so do try to get a seat if you can; the bus runs every 20 minutes. It takes about an hour, depending on traffic, to reach Qingtiangang.

Yangmingshan Qingtiangang scenery
Yangmingshan Qingtiangang scenery

Once you alight at Qingtiangang, you’ll see a flight of steps leading up to the grasslands.

Hiking trail from Qingtiangang to Lengshuikeng

The path consists of large gravels and stones, which can be uneven and slippery especially inside the forest, so it’s best to wear shoes. Watch out for cow poop on the ground.

Yangmingshan trail map distances and estimated duration
Yangmingshan trail map distances and estimated duration

From this point, you have a choice of multiple trails.

Yangmingshan Qingtiangang
Yangmingshan Qingtiangang Trail Map
Qingtiangang hiking trail
Qingtiangang hiking trails

But if you only have a couple of hours to spare including a short picnic and taking photos, take the trail leading towards Lengshuikeng.

Qingtiangang hiking trail
Cows along Qingtiangang hiking trail

This trail will take you past some grazing cows, it’ll go uphill and downhill, past a few small streams, a small lake, a pillbox (used in Taiwan’s aerial defence strategy), a suspension bridge and you’ll end up at the Lengshuikeng visitor centre.

Yangmingshan Qingtiangang ants carrying a caterpillar
Ants carrying a caterpillar

You can have a drink at the café (both outdoor and indoor seating), and enjoy the scenery.

Getting from Lengshuikeng to Beitou Hot Springs

From the bus stop at the Lengshuikeng visitor centre carpark, take bus 108 to the Yangmingshan Metropolitan bus terminal, which is about a 10 minute ride away. You’ll be asked to get off the bus as the bus terminal is the last stop.

Bus 108 Yangmingshan
Bus 108 Yangmingshan

From the bus terminal, walk to this nearby bus stop (which is also named “陽明山”) and take minibus S9 to Xinbeitou bus stop.

Beitou Hot Springs area is actually closer to the Xinbeitou MRT than the Beitou MRT so you should alight at the Xinbeitou bus stop.

S9 only comes by every 40 minutes, so you can check the next S9 bus arrival timing on this website or scan the QR code printed on the bus stop signpost under S9 section.

S9 bus from Yangmingshan to Beitou
S9 bus from Yangmingshan to Beitou

In the website, look for “陽明山” (which is the stop after “第二停車場”) and the time shown on the website is the arrival of the next bus in minutes (分).

Things to do at Beitou Hot Springs

Read my other blogpost on what you can do here, such as visiting the Ketagalan Culture Centre, Beitou Hot Springs Museum and Plum Garden. Do take note of closing days and hours (usually at 5pm).

For cheaper hot springs private baths, try the companies around this area, near the Thermal Valley which you can also visit. There’s a cute souvenir shop nearby you can check out too.

Enjoy the walk back to Xinbeitou MRT station via the boardwalk and stone path that is at the side of the hot springs stream and ends up at Beitou Park, instead of walking along the side of Zhongshan road.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, and that the directions came in handy.

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