Johor Bahru & Nearby: Cheap things to do with Kids Part 3 – Batu Pahat, Yong Peng

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Johor Bahru & nearby: Cheap things to do with Kids Part 3 – Batu Pahat – Yong Peng To save money, we have been taking short family trips to Johor, which has many treasures to discover and appreciate. It is easy to find places to visit via blogs, TripAdvisor and Google Maps. For Batu Pahat See my journey

Ipoh Adventure Day 1

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Ipoh Day 1: Taiping (out of Ipoh), Amanjaya, Perak Cave Temple, Gunung Lang, Kedai Makanan Nam Heong, Restoran Kam Wan Aneka Selera, Ipoh Parade Shopping Centre — — Preamble This is a couple trip my husband and I took to Ipoh. We self-planned everything (no tours, no packages), just a credit card, internet, Malaysian Sim See my journey