A Moment’s Silence, A Memory and A Wish

Losing is hard.

Although we know life comes to an end, it is hard when we say our final goodbyes.

A moment’s silence for you, each and every one of you, who lived your lives the best you could.

Who suffered from illness, yet lived bravely, lovingly, surrounded by family.

A tribute to the memories that connected us.

The laughter, the get-togethers, the kind words, the warm welcomes, the parties, the feasts under fireworks, the mahjong games, the hugs, the gift of your support from afar, the love that collectively nourished us.

The years we had each other have ended.

A wish.

That you will suffer no more.

Your souls will rest in peace.

Remembered fondly by us who love you and grieve in our hearts as we celebrate the best of your lives.

That when our time comes, a wish that we will reunite.

Will this be a temporary goodbye?

Until we depart.

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