Five Tips To Prep Our Kids For School Reopening

As we enter Phase 1 of Singapore’s post-Circuit Breaker period, our preschoolers are getting ready to go back to school.

Star Learners, one of the largest private child care group with 41 child care centres in Singapore, has kindly provided five tips for us parents on how we can prepare our preschoolers for school reopening.

To keep their child care centres safe, Star Learners is also taking the following measures:

Sanitization and Disinfection

All 41 Star Learners centres will undergo a thorough cleaning (high and low area) and disinfection service by a professional disinfection company. The solution used is widely used in hospital, schools and clinics and it helps to control and reduce the spread of viruses.

The centres will then undergo a sanitisation misting service by a professional sanitisation company. The liquid solution for the sanitisation misting used is tested effective against the Coronavirus.

Mattresses, furniture, and toys will be sanitized daily. Star Learner centres will use air purifiers that will circulate natural pharmaceutical grade Australian tea tree throughout the centre at all times. This combination of tea tree circulation and its disinfection practices will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Social distancing, contact tracing and health checks

Star Learners centres will have SafeEntry QR codes for contact tracing, and practise social distancing measures within the interior and the exterior of the centres. Face shields will be provided for all centres for both adults and children.

There will be temperature checks and sanitising of hands multiple times a day.

For preschoolers taking school bus, Star Learners has implemented the following procedure:

1. Take children’s temperature before boarding the bus
2. Ensure all children are wearing masks before boarding the bus
3. Sanitise children’s hands prior to boarding the bus
4. Each child will be assigned a specific seat
5. Alternate seating to keep all children at least 1m apart
6. Ensure that the bus is cleaned and sanitised before children’s use every time

Let’s work hand in hand to support our children and the early childhood sector as schools reopen, so we can all stay safe and healthy.

About Star Learners

Established in 2003, Star Learners is one of the largest private preschool operators in Singapore, with 41 centres island-wide, boasting over 550 staff and more than 3000 preschoolers.

Guided by its unique Starbeam Framework, the Star Learners curriculum focuses on a literature-based approach; delving into the magic of stories to open up a world of perspectives.

Every centre boasts a thoughtfully curated collection of literature from around the globe, which engages a child’s imagination as they pick up knowledge, tackle concepts and develop skills in multiple learning areas, including problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and communication.

With a well-rounded holistic curriculum, Star Learners aims to guide children to be their own heroes – heroes of Character, Confidence and Creativity.

Special thanks to Star Learners for the infographic tips and information above.