Fulfilling My Bucket List with Homage — By Michelle

Michelle is a Homage Care Recipient living in Perth. She shares how Homage supports her in daily activities and fulfilling her bucket list.

I currently live in Perth and I’m in my 60s. After I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I could no longer drive on my own and it was quite hard for me to adapt to that lifestyle — being unable to drive around when I wanted.

Before Homage, I had another support worker, but I lost my past support workers who used to take me out shopping and doing things I liked. After losing my ex-support workers, I still wanted to and had to go out shopping, but the closest mall is a 40-minute walk from where I live.

We do not have a bus stop with convenient access around where I live, and it is hard for me to walk to the closest bus stop, as I am in my 60s with MS. Taxis weren’t an option as they only do long-distance rides where I live, so I needed someone who could help me to do things I like!

Discovering Homage’s Services

I have been a customer of Homage Australia since June 2022, since Homage launched in Western Australia! I don’t remember how I ended up with Homage, but I think it was something that came across on my Facebook feed or something. I mainly use Homage’s companionship service to go out shopping and to attend events. I sometimes use light housekeeping and cleaning. I’m looking forward to attending more events and going out for more shopping in the future!

I’ve always had my bucket list, and it’s been an ongoing list of things I want to achieve or places I would love to visit. Even with my disability, it shouldn’t stop me from achieving what I want to do! While some things like visiting the pyramids in Egypt might no longer be achievable, I’ve come up with other things like creating themed gardens to not only bring magic to me, but also for others to enjoy – especially for the children in my neighbourhood.


Michelle’s halloween themed garden!

I just crossed off another must-do thing from the bucket list which were the Giants in Mandurah. While it took longer than expected due to the crazy temperature — my walker even broke due to the sand and steepness of the climb — but I was determined to touch him!

Michelle reaching “The Giants of Mandurah” located in Western Australia, an outdoor exhibition that celebrates the beauty and importance of protecting our natural world

So my bucket list changes due to — How can I get there? How long will it take? Who is available to take me? Is it something that I really want to do and is it safe to do so? How long is it going to be there for?? And if not today when will I?

That last one is the most important as I have found my abilities no longer allow me to climb every mountain so I have to find ways that I can still do so or view it from elsewhere!

So I have to revise my bucket list quite regularly and I do add more things all the time.

Fulfilling My Bucket List with Homage Care Professionals

Michelle’s smurf “at the beach” photoshoot for her personalised Christmas cards. Her first Gnome was given to her as a joke, but her collection has grown!

Another one of the items on my bucket list included a beach photoshoot to make Christmas cards for my family and friends, so I was fully prepared with my snowmen and elves. At first, I thought it was a bit too much walking in the sand for me, which I eventually enjoyed with the support of my Homage support worker Irina. It’s been fantastic to tick off my bucket list – there are more to go!!

I also loved spending the day shopping with another Homage supporter worker Syed and my garden gnome Smurfette – I even got a number of photos during our day out. I was fortunate to have Syed take me out for the day and he didn’t mind that one of my smurfs was coming along for the ride!

Another one of Michelle’s prized collections – her Smurfs and Smurfettes that she likes photographing in “everyday life” such as shopping

In my case, having a disability was very challenging and often discouraged me from doing things that I used to enjoy and love. I am so happy that Homage enables me to do things that I gave up due to my disability, encouraging my independence and bringing back joy to my life.

So far, I have visited the disability care conference and flower shows and have also gone to many shops – I love shopping! I plan to visit many places like Kings Park as the weather gets warmer and I would also like to go shopping at the Red Dot (a variety store near my house) and prepare for the upcoming festivities! I like going out with my favourite Homage support workers – they are good at finding what I want!

About Homage

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Special thanks to Homage and Michelle for the interview and photos.