Happy New Year 2023

To all my readers, thank you for following me on my blogging journey since I took a step out in 2015.

2022 was a tough one for many of us, following the Covid years of 2020 & 2021.

We lost our freedom, health, and even loved ones during this time.

I don’t know how 2023 will pan out, but I hope for the best, for all of you, to realise your potential, find your bearings, discover your tribes, and be blessed with love and health.

We have a propensity to be human doings, instead of human beings.

We are geared to keep on doing things to feel productive and meaningful, to check off our lists, clear our tasks and do do do.

I hope you (and I) will do less, and be more, in the sense that you have the space and time, to experience, to sit quietly and not have itchy hands and feet to keep on moving.

To a better 2023 for all of us ❤️