Meaningful Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas for Covid-19 Circuit Breaker

Mother’s Day 2020 is just around the corner! Falling on 10 May, next week Sunday, Mother’s Day is the day that mothers are celebrated and honoured.

In Singapore, Mother’s Day is typically one of the busiest days of the year for celebrations and gifts.

However the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker (CB) means that we can’t go out for meals, or celebrate in person if we stay in different households.

The CB also means that it is not as easy to get a gift and present to our mums as we are encouraged to stay at home. In addition, shops (other than essential services) are closed until 1 June 2020.

Regardless of all these disruptions, there are still meaningful ways to show our mothers how much we love them, even if it’s a remote/virtual option.

You can source your gift based on what your mother likes and also support a cause, order online to deliver to her, and schedule a video call to virtually have a meal or even just a chat to catch up with her.

Here are some Mother’s Day 2020 gift ideas you can consider.

Foreword Coffee Roasters

For: Mums who love coffee with cookies (handmade by Metta) and pretty pouches (handcrafted from Mori)

What’s special: Foreword hires people with disabilities. The cookies are baked by Metta school youths with special needs. The pouches are handcrafted by low-income mothers in the Philippines under Mori.

Visit Foreword Coffee Roasters


For: Mums who love pretty handcrafted bags, notebooks, candles and more.

What’s special: Fairmarch is a social enterprise that provides a marketplace for partners helping disabled, elderly, disadvantaged and more to sell their products.

Visit Fairmarch

Singapore Fashion Runway

For: Mums who are into unique, fashionable products

What’s special: Products are designed by their inclusive community. Funds raised go towards nurturing a youth with special needs or disadvantaged groups.

Visit Singapore Fashion Runway

Professor Brawn

For: Mums who love Western food and Bubble Tea

What’s special: Professor Brawn Café is a Social Enterprise which provides job and social integration opportunities to people with special needs and the disadvantaged in society.

Visit Professor Brawn


For: Health-conscious mums who love snacking on nuts and dried fruits

What’s special: A portion of the proceeds of every snack sold goes towards providing meals for the needy. Their packaging is also recyclable.

Visit Boxgreen

Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day 2020 ❤️