8 Crabs — Juicy, Tender Large Crabs Delivered Straight to Your Home

8 Crabs really made my day with their deliciously fresh crabs delivered to my home.

Being a pretty picky crab lover, I am particular about the freshness of my crabs. I love fresh crab meat that is firm and peels away cleanly from the shell, especially the body part.

When I received an offer to review 8 Crabs’ crab delivery, I was curious to see how fresh their crabs are.

From Sri Lanka to your home in 12 hours

According to 8 Crabs’ website, this company is “the only seafood import wholesale and crab delivery service in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. Prepared by 5 star chefs, offering you the best value on the planet.”

The company engages crab graders with experience of more than 30 years in the trade to catch wild catch crabs from Sri Lanka, which are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery.

Their crabs are fresh because their supply chains get fresh crabs from the sea to your home in 12 hours.

Their fishermen go out to sea on a daily basis, and crabs they catch are sent to be approved by the company’s crab graders.

The crabs then take just 45 minutes to be packed and sent to the airport one hour away, to be flown to Singapore, a 4 hour flight from Sri Lanka.

In Singapore, crabs reach 8 Crabs’ kitchens within 2 and a half hours. They are then cooked and delivered to you.

What should I order from 8 Crabs?

8 Crabs offers crabs in three flavours: chilli crab, black pepper crab, and salted egg crab.

It also sells fried mantou and an assortment of tze char dishes if you prefer to order a more variety of dishes for your meal.

Crabs come in 3 sizes (depending on flavour) :

– Large (approx. 750g) at $68

– Extra large (approx. 900g to 1000g) at $88

– XXL (approx. 1.2kg), price varies

8 Crabs offers free delivery for orders $120 and above, or otherwise $8 per location. If you can’t wait, you can add $18 for express 1 hour delivery.

With a $120 coupon, I ordered a large black pepper crab, a large chilli crab and a set of fried mantou, topping up the balance.

The food was delivered on time between 6pm to 7pm in large plastic containers.

The chilli crab came with a generous amount of the chilli gravy, which paired well with the fried mantou.

Both the black pepper and chilli crabs were bigger than I expected. The meat portions were generous and we couldn’t finish everything in one meal.

My favourite part was how much easier it was to peel the flesh from the body part, because the crab was so fresh.

8 Crabs is a value-for-money order for the size and freshness of its crabs. To order, visit

If you need assistance with your order, contact 8 Crabs at:


WhatsApp: +65 8725 0725

Special thanks to 8 Crabs for the $120 coupon and the amazing crabs!