8 Durian — Fresh Durian from Pahang To Your Home Within 12 Hours

Durian season is here! And having fresh durian from Pahang delivered straight to your home within 12 hours is super shiok.

With a $120 voucher kindly provided by 8durian for this review, we ordered the Mao Shan Wang A grade, AAA grade, and Black Gold.

Although the delivery was supposed to be 6pm, the durians came earlier at 230pm.

As I left the durians in the fridge, the plastic covers have condensation on them.

Mao Shan Wang A Grade

The A grade durian is fleshy with small seeds. It was sweet with a tinge of bitterness, and I liked its creamy texture.

Mao Shan Wang AAA Grade

The AAA grade also has the characteristic Mao Shan Wang taste, with larger seeds than the A grade. I personally felt that the A grade was more to my liking as the seeds are smaller.

Black Gold

The best-tasting durian hands down was the Black Gold.

It was the most fragrant among the three variants, and I loved how the skin is so thin yet ‘crunchy’.

It was bitter and sweet, my favourite combination!

Note that the Black Gold seeds are also larger than those of the Mao Shan Wang A grade.

Now when I think about quality durians, this is the durian I will compare against.

About 8 Durian

8 Durian has its own private plantation with some of the most experienced durian farmers and handlers “not only in Pahang, but the entire Malaysia”.

The plantation engaged experienced irrigation specialists to construct a system that would be ideal for durians to grow in.

To prevent bruising of durians, the plantation also installed durable nets strong enough to withstand the force and impact of a falling durian. Fallen durians are cleared 5 times a day to ensure the durians do not fall on one another.

Durian shipments from the Pahang plantation arrive daily into Singapore at 10 am and 6 pm.

The durians are de-husked and hygienically heat sealed in boxes to ensure ultimate freshness, before being delivered to customers on the day of arrival.

8 Durian’s durian choppers undergo training to learn how to chop durians well, as inexperienced chopper may hit the wrong spots of a durian. If the skin of the durian flesh is punctured, it will begin to decompose at a faster rate and it won’t be fresh when it reaches the customer.

8 Durian provides a “Durian Guarantee” — a full refund via store credits for late deliveries exceeding one hour, or for durians of unsatisfactory quality.

Delivery is free for orders above $100. Same day or next day delivery costs $10 per order, with an express 1 hour delivery charged at $18 per order (select ‘As soon as possible’ as your time slot).

Delivery time slots are 12 noon to 5 pm, 5 pm to 10 pm, and 10 pm to 11:45 pm.

To order fresh Pahang durians, visit

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