Johor Bahru & Nearby: Cheap things to do with Kids Part 4 (Dim Sum, Durian, Porridge, Chee Cheong Fun)

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Johor Bahru & Nearby: Cheap things to do with Kids Part 4

– Dim Sum

– Durian

– Porridge

– Chee cheong fun

When we go to Malaysia, we always look out for dim sum and durian places.

Here are some of the places we’ve visited:

1. Tong Dim Sum

Tong Dim Sum is located at Bukit Indah, a convenient drive from the Second Link.

Most of the food items are priced around RM5. Our favourite dim sum items were the fried prawn rolls and red bean buns.

Dim sum

The lor mai gai (chicken with glutinous rice) is a bit different from Singapore’s, as chicken meat is sandwiched in between two layers of rice.

2. Say Yes Hong Kong Dim Sum

Say Yes Hong Kong Dim Sum at Skudai area is popular especially on weekends. Prices are slightly more expensive from RM5+ to RM10.

Dim sum

The xiaolongbao is placed in individual foil cups to prevent spillage of the precious soup.

3. Xing Chang Le Dim Sum

Xing Chang Le is located inside AEON Tebrau Mall closer to the AEON supermarket side. Just look for Baskin Robbins at Level 1 and walk down until you see Xing Chang Le.

Dim sum

We liked the doumiao, fish porridge and charsiew buns. If you’re ordering fish porridge for your children, do remind the restaurant to exclude the red chilli that is usually placed on top of the porridge.

4. 香港粥 Hong Kong Porridge Ka Ka Lok

Hong Kong Porridge is famous for their porridge and silky chee cheong fun. You can choose abalone, pork, fish, seafood and other flavours of porridge.

The chee cheong fun comes in prawn and/or charsiew options, and is made directly on the spot. The skin is so thin and silky it is worth a visit!

5. Durian Store

We chanced upon Durian Store located at a strategic junction at Jalan Johor Jaya (near AEON Tebrau).

You can choose durians of different species, place in a basket which will be weighed and charged by the kilogram. You can open the durians and eat on the spot.

We like cheap kampung durians so we went straight to choose four kampung durians for RM9 per kg.

If you’re thirsty, sealed cups of water are free for customers and there is a barrel of water with a tap you can turn on to rinse your fingers.

Durian Store opens from 1230pm or 1pm onwards until night (during durian season).

Apps we used to get from Singapore to Johor Bahru:

1. – for accommodation in Johor Bahru

View of Skudai from our accommodation

2. and Beat the Jam! – to monitor traffic on the Causeway and Second Link

3. Google maps – to search for places of interest, save the best ones and navigate the roads in Johor

4. Qoo10 – to buy a Malaysian international SIM card

Things to pack

These are some things we packed for our road trip besides our passports, ringgit, clothes and toiletries.

  • Water bottles (as the weather is very hot)
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Insect repellent and/or mosquito patches
  • Snacks
  • Plastic bags to store extra food or as a temporary rubbish bag
  • Sunblock
  • Touch N Go card
  • Car sunshade
  • S hooks because you never know when you need them
  • Swimsuit
  • Wet wipes (after eating durians)

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