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This AMK Hub Mall Has A Hidden Secret Only Insiders Know

AMK Hub is a busy shopping mall located right next to Ang Mo Kio MRT station.


It is well-known that there are many eateries at AMK Hub, such as NTUC Foodfare, Toast Box, Swensens and more.

But one canteen has cleverly hidden itself so well that only insiders know where it is.

A canteen so hidden it is not even in the AMK Hub directory

This canteen is not even listed on AMK Hub’s directory, but it has a seating area that can accommodate around 30 people.

Its specialities are the humble cai peng (or economical rice), steamed buns, a drinks stall and a friendly canteen uncle who offers sweets to the random kid who happens to drop by.

Amk Hub
Economical rice

We uncovered the secret canteen’s whereabouts!

Taking an escalator to level 2 of AMK Hub (closer to the West end near to fashion shops, a massage/spa parlour and a pop-up aromatherapy store), you’ll see a non-descript door next to the passenger lift lobby.

Entrance to AMK Hub secret canteen

This door actually leads to the cargo lifts, but turn right and you’ll see another door which leads into the secret canteen, called Best Cafeteria.

Best Cafeteria, which opens daily from 6am to 630pm, is actually an SBS Transit canteen run by the National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU).

There are about 40+ NTWU canteens islandwide at various bus interchanges and terminals, including one in Shenton Way which is run by a millennial F&B entrepreneur.

These NTWU canteens provide affordable food for bus captains who may not have a lot of time in between shifts to eat. So don’t be surprised if bus captains are served first as they have to rush their meals before their next trip.

Once you see that these canteens exist, you cannot unsee.