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NTUC Foodfare’s New Kitchen Loft Opens at Mapletree Business Park

Mapletree Business Park is Singapore’s home to MNCs such as Unilever, Google and SAP.

It is also situated near Labrador Park MRT along the Circle Line and next to a small shopping centre called Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC).

There used to be a food court at Mapletree Business City I. I remember it being a bit cramped, with a somewhat sterile ambience and just another place to get food.

NTUC Foodfare renovated the place and transformed it into a beautiful food court that resembles a restaurant with multiple food options and even a BAR.

I dropped by on a Friday night to experience the food court trend towards aesthetics on top of function.

NTUC Foodfare Kitchen Loft

Kitchen Loft by NTUC Foodfare is situated at the part of Mapletree Business City closest to ARC on the same floor as its drop off area.

There are water features in front of it, and a 7–11 nearby.

NTUC Foodfare Kitchen Loft

Friday night is the best time to come here because it’s less crowded and there are many seats you can choose from:

  • Normal tables
  • High tables with barstools
  • Diner-style tables with mini roofs (more privacy)

Prices for a main course start at $6.90, and there are also special deals for diners below:

  • $2 off your next meal
  • 1-for-1 main course from 430–830pm on Mon-Fri
  • $10.90 Thai buffet from 11am-2pm on Mon-Fri
  • $1 add on for FREE FLOW drinks, or you can choose soup or fruits
  • $25 Tiger Beer Buffet (like that also can) from 430–830pm on Mon-Fri
NTUC Foodfare Kitchen Loft

We got 2 Western sets (fish fillet and chicken chop) for $6.90, which is just $3.45 each!!

The sets come with salad and fries.

NTUC Foodfare Kitchen Loft

We also ordered a chicken katsu don for $6.90 (but didn’t get another set free because it was just too much food for 3 adults), and added a $1 edamame side dish.

NTUC Foodfare Kitchen Loft

Drinks were free flow from the vending machines and coffee machines if you add $1 on top of your meal.

The bar also serves pre-made food and there is al fresco seating outside the food court near the bar’s entrance

NTUC Foodfare Kitchen Loft

There are about 8 different stalls:

  • Heavenly Wang
  • Thai buffet (closed during dinnertime)
  • Japanese
  • Malay food
  • Indian food
  • Chinese stir fried food
  • Western food
  • Bar

You may be thinking, $6.90 a meal is not cheap. But if you walk around Kitchen Loft, the surrounding restaurants are more expensive to eat at.

There is also a Foodmaster food court at Mapletree Business Park II, but it’s all the way at the other end and doesn’t seem to have the evening deals.

We also went to Foodmaster to look for dessert but the stalls were closed at 830pm although the food court technically operates till 9pm.

It’s always better to have more choices anyway, and I would come back to Kitchen Loft on weekday nights for the chill ambience and 1-for-1 deals.

I really like the effort put into the Kitchen Loft décor, such as the lighting, hanging plants, ceiling shelves and the stall frontages with jars of food on shelves below the counter. Very instagrammable.

NTUC Foodfare Kitchen Loft

I couldn’t really find the baby chairs though, and the walkway to the toilets can be narrow as there were some carts placed along the walkway. Be careful of the swinging doors.

How to get there?

I’ve marked out the location of NTUC Foodfare’s Kitchen Loft in red below.

NTUC Foodfare Kitchen Loft

Credit: Street Directory app

(Orange line) By car:

Park at ARC which has free parking on weekday nights and weekends, then walk over via the overhead bridge closer to Fragrance Empire Building.

(Pink line) By MRT:

Exit Labrador MRT and take the overhead bridge to ARC Level 2 (keep left, don’t go down the escalator to level 1).

Option 1: for mobile people

Walk past the DBS and turn left at Coffee Bean.

Walk straight past Unity and follow the overhead walkway (there are steps here) to end up at Mapletree Business Park.

Turn right at Starbucks, walk past the Pasta Mania and then turn left just before the travellators.

Option 2: For prams and wheelchairs

If you are pushing a pram or on a wheelchair, when you reach ARC, walk past DBS and go straight until you see ichiban boshi.

Turn left and enter the walkway between the western bar and Korean restaurant which will take you to another overhead walkway (orange line) without steps.

Go straight up the walkway and you’ll see Kitchen Loft.

(Blue line) By bus:

Depending on where you alight, make your way towards the bright lights of Mapletree Business Park I.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 8am to 9pm

Sat: 8am to 2pm