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Youngs Restaurant & Bar at Seletar Airbase: Friendly and Chill

I visited Youngs Restaurant and Bar, newly opened (for a month or so) at Seletar Airbase to check out what it has in store for patrons.

Youngs is nestled at the fringe of an upcoming development at The Oval, a plot of land with quite a few unused dilapidated colonial houses.

Upon exiting Tampines Expressway at Seletar Aerospace Park, you’ll see the Youngs signboard at the T-junction. Turn right at the T-junction then turn left into Park Lane, then turn left again at Hyde Park Gate.

Along the way you’ll notice migrant workers hard at work putting up a playground and beautifying the compound.

The Oval Seletar Airbase

Source: Street Directory App

There are a few parking lots before you reach Youngs, but don’t fret if you can’t find any, because further down the road there have been at least 150 new parking lots made available.

The Oval Seletar Airbase parking

Parking is FREE!!!

The Oval F&B developments were recently featured in a Straits Times article, but it was difficult to imagine how the place looked like, so one afternoon I dropped by on a whim because I’m a sucker for walkthroughs and I wanted to create one for you.

Youngs has 2 entrances, one facing Hyde Park Gate carpark and another on the other side of the colonial bungalow facing the T-junction.

Youngs restaurant and bar

Youngs also has a large sheltered al fresco seating area (maybe about 100pax) surrounded by greenery so your kids can have outdoor play (but watch them as there is a busy main road nearby).

Youngs restaurant and bar

Inside the bungalow, there is air-conditioning so you can escape the hot weather.

The seating area is split into 2 sections, a typical restaurant dining area, and a smaller cosy area with 4 sofas.

Youngs restaurant and bar

The entire sofa area can sit about 16–18 pax (depending on how cosy you really want to get with other people), and it’s really nice for team gatherings.

There’s a ceiling mounted TV at this area tuned to Channel NewsAsia and the mirrors plus the natural sunlight through the windows make the area look bright yet cosy.

Youngs restaurant and bar

Check out the unique tables.

Youngs restaurant and bar

Youngs serves Western breakfasts (till 230pm), pastas, mains, desserts, kids meals and alcohol, among others.

Youngs restaurant and bar

We ordered the Classic English Breakfast with eggs overeasy. I’m a food suaku so I only learnt that overeasy means fried eggs, because I literally asked for well-known cooked fried eggs.

By the way, the staff are Youngs were friendly and patiently went through the menu with me, even interacting with my hyperactive kid and making us feel very welcome.

Youngs restaurant and bar

Relax in the afternoon with their happy hour specials, in a relatively kid-friendly environment.

Youngs restaurant and bar

According to their Facebook page, Youngs is open at the following times every day till pretty late.

So if you’re feeling peckish at night but hate the limited parking at Jalan Kayu, just head over to Youngs.

Youngs restaurant and bar

By the way, the people who started Youngs are also opening a Teochew restaurant next door, so keep an eye out.

I didn’t ask if you could mix food from the 2 restaurants at one seating area for groups of people who want to eat both Chinese and Western food though.

If I could list down the top 3 reasons to return to any food joint, it would be:

  • Friendly staff
  • Value for money
  • Pleasant environment

Youngs isn’t as cheap as your coffee shop Western food, but prices aren’t very far off from other Western restaurants with the same ambience and positioning.

What Youngs has as advantages are its friendly staff, pleasant environment (free parking, big area, relaxed vibe) and located in an area where other restaurants are opening (so you can always hop around to the nearby playground when it’s finished and explore the area).

Try it out.

Youngs Bar and Restaurant Singapore

3 Hyde Park Gate, The Oval @ SAP,
Singapore 799531

+65 6734 2850