Yilan Nanfang’ao Bridge Collapses, Rescuers Search for Missing People

Today, I heard news that the Nanfang’ao Bridge had collapsed, injuring over 20 people with several others missing.

It was just over a month ago that we visited Yilan, travelling to Nanfang’ao’s scenic spots.

Nanfang’ao Bridge is indicated by the purple arrow. This shot was taken from the Qixingling Trail in August this year.

Riding across the Nanfang’ao suspension bridge on the way to Su’ao, there was no sense that the bridge was fragile or worn out.

Hence it was horrifying to see a video of the bridge collapsing after a tank truck drove across the bridge.

Our thoughts are with the injured and missing, and their families.

About the Nanfang’ao Bridge

The Nanfang’ao bridge, which spanned the Nanfang’ao Fishing Port, was completed in 1998.

Visitors use it often to travel back and forth from Nanfang’ao harbour to Tofu Cape, a tourist attraction.

Nanfang’ao Bridge is the only steel single-arch bridge in Taiwan, and the first bifurcated single-arch bridge in Asia. There are only two such bridges in the world.

The bridge was 140 m in length and 15 m in width.

Nanfang’ao Bridge Collapse Causes Injuries, Several Missing

According to Taiwan News, the Nanfang’ao Bridge gave way around 9:30 a.m. this morning (Taiwan time). the bridge suddenly gave way.

The tank truck, which was on the bridge when it collapsed, ignited after falling into the waterway.

At least three fishing vessels appear to have been crushed beneath and at least nine people from two fishing boats fell overboard, with rescue crews searching for them.

Out of 10 fishermen who have been rescued, six have suffered serious injuries, and four have sustained minor injuries, says The Yilan County Fire Bureau.

214 first responders, 32 disaster rescue vehicles, 14 ambulances, and 11 boats have been dispatched to the scene.

Who To Call In An Emergency in Taiwan?

Here is a list of contact numbers for emergency services in Taiwan.

A more comprehensive list can be found on the Taiwan Tourism Board website here.

Singaporeans who are injured abroad can contact MFA for assistance too.

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