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Ipoh Adventure Day 4

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Ipoh 4D3N Couple Adventure Itinerary

Ipoh Day 4 – Breakfast at Kedai Kopi Sun Yuan Loong, a stroll at Kek Lok Tong, a brief history of Hakka heritage at Han Chin Pet Soo by Ipohworld, lunch at K-Kai Restaurant, last minute shopping at Tesco, check in at Ipoh’s Sultan Azlan Shah Airport for flight back to Singapore

Breakfast at Kedai Kopi Sun Yuan Loong

This place is packed! We decided to have an simple kaya toast and eggs breakfast. The drinks stall also sells half-boiled eggs on butter toast if you hate cracking eggs open.

If you prefer a more filling meal, there are 6 other stalls in the same coffee shop you can choose to order from.

Must go: 4/5 for variety of food and easy parking. Seats are filled up fast.

Adventure 1: taking in the sights at Kek Lok Tong

Kek Lok Tong is housed in a cave larger than Perak Cave Temple. It is popular among the locals who dress up in their morning sports gear to walk around the park at the other side of the cave.

We spent about an hour here exploring the natural limestone formations in the cave, and enjoying a peaceful stroll in the garden where we saw a gaggle of 4 geese, got to walk under a power line tower and check out the mining factory on the other side of the lake.

Must go: 4/5 for the serenity and instagramming opportunities

Adventure 2: a brief history of Hakka heritage at Han Chin Pet Soo by Ipohworld

Ipohworld is an organisation which promotes awareness and appreciation for Perak’s heritage.

It takes care of Han Chin Pet Soo, a historical shophouse which features a 90 min tour of the early Hakka migrants, the tin mining industry and the history of the shophouse unit.

There are about 3 tours in a day, limited vacancies as the shophouse isn’t very big. We booked our tour directly with Ipohworld online in advance, and donated RM10 a person at the end of the tour.

The really old video of the tin mining industry is eye-opening, and the exhibits of the various migrant groups from China are very interesting.

According to our Ipohworld tour guide, the dining room on the first floor can also be booked 3 weeks in advance for group meals of 8 to 20 people or more with Hakka food served.

Must go: 5/5 if you like learning about the history and heritage of Ipoh. Book in advance and pay attention to the tour guide

Lunch at K-Kai Restaurant

We initially wanted to eat at K Ten Claypot Rice but it was closed. We still enjoyed a nice lunch at K-Kai restaurant which seems to be popular among locals for the self- service economical rice.

I ordered a pork tripe noodle soup, and it was delicious.

Must go: 3.5/5 only if you happen to be around the area

Last minute shopping at Tesco

With some time to spare before our flight, we decided to check out the nearby Tesco.

I wondered why there were so many airline pilots standing outside the Tesco entrance, then realised they were security officers wearing captain hats. I thought they looked very smart.

Near the Tesco entrance, there is a kids play area which only costs RM10 per kid for 4 hours worth of play time on weekdays, or 2 hours on weekends. Kids have to each be accompanied by 1 adult, and both must wear socks (or buy for RM5).

Must go: 3.5/5 if you happen to be in the area and want cheap groceries

Check in at Ipoh’s Sultan Azlan Shah Airport

I couldn’t find much info on this airport online, so here’s what I learnt when I went there.

There is an Aero Cafe with seats (selling local drinks and food) and a nearby Yee Hup souvenir shop (which isn’t expensive) for last minute shopping. There is an airport taxi, and I also saw an airport bus waiting outside the terminal.

There are no food or drink stalls once you enter immigration (just a seating area). No wi-fi at all.

It’s a very basic airport, but flying home to Singapore only took us an hour and the airport is very near the city centre (like a 10 min drive away).

We had a good time in Ipoh, generally we felt safe walking around (just don’t walk to those dark places at night) and it wasn’t hard to find food.

Accommodation isn’t expensive and there are quite a few places to check out.

The locals are friendly (except for one really grumpy petrol station staff) and roads are not difficult to drive along.

Spend at least 3 nights in Ipoh if you can.

Once again, do note that buses into Ipoh only stop at Amanjaya, no more at Jln Bendahara.

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